Visine for Acne

How Visine works for Acne

The main active ingredient of Visine are tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride . Tetrahydrozoline  is a vasoconstrictor and its main function is the constriction of blood vessels. This serves to relieve the redness of the eye caused by minor eye irritants.If you have  bloodshot eyes the blood vessels in your eyes are irritated or the level of blood in the vessels in your eyes are pumping a larger amount of blood than usual. By putting several drops of Visine in your eyes the tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride will constrict the blood vessels in your eyes making them not as noticeable.

You can also find tetrahydrozoline in most nasal sprays as usually the main ingredient listed. So you don’t have run out and buy Visine if you have some nasal spray already in your medicine cabinet.

How to treat the acne

Visine, with its vasoconstrictive properties, is  effective for use on raised swollen pimples on the skin. If you have a pimple or an old acne mark that does not have a whitehead that is particularly noticeable, soak a cotton ball in Visine and apply to the affected area for a  few minutes. One interesting trick for getting rid of redness for longer results  is to take two Advil (anti-inflammatory) and then apply Visine drops to your face. It’s also a good idea to apply a drying agent on top of the pimple after treating with Visine, either an acne medicine or a natural acne remedy would be fine.

Works best with this kind of acne

Doesn’t work as well with the head on it.

How long it lasts

The anti-reddening results may not last long, but will give you a temporary fix for redness and swelling. I would use this remedy for a special occasion as the results are not permanent. If you want reduced swelling overall simply place ice in a rag and hold it up to your swollen areas for up to twenty minutes and the effects will last longer in the long run then the Visine remedy.