Rid Yourself of Dark Circles

What are dark under-eye circles?

Dark circles under eyes usually aren’t usually from extreme tiredness or serious illness, though they can make you feel old and tired.  Though fatigue can be a factor in their appearance it isn’t the only reason for under-eye circles; some common causes are allergies, hereditary, smoking, fatigue,  rubbing or scratching your eyes, and sun exposure.

The most common cause is thinning skin and loss of fat and collagen.  This happens to everyone as we age and can make the reddish-blue blood vessels under your eyes more obvious creating the dark circle appearance. The area around the eyes and the tops of your hands are the thinnest areas of skin on the human body, they are almost always the first places we start showing our age as well.

Rid Yourself of Dark Circles

 Aging Hands

How to treat dark circles

Vitamin K applied to the skin as usually a five percent cream can help in healing post-operative bruising, spider veins,  and aiding in fading dark under-eye circles. Because of this expensive eye creams almost always contain a form of vitamin k as well.  Vitamin K is found in dark leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and turnip greens and is especially rich in kale, spinach,  and parsley.

A Vitamin K  Eye Mask

You will need two ingredients

  • 1 small handful of fresh parsley
    2 Tbsp plain yogurt and as usual organic is better

Place parsley and yogurt into a food processor, if you don’t have one just cut up parsley until it is finely ground and mix until evenly distributed. Mix or process until a smooth paste is formed. Apply the mixture on thick to your under-eye area, you can even circle your whole eye for extra moisturizing all over. Let sit for 20 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water. You only need to apply once a week to see results. The Vitamin K will decrease the blood flow causing the veins under the skin to be less visible, and decrease the swelling.

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