Oily Skin Facts and Causes

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The Causes of Oily Skin

Oils produced by the body  are meant to help keep skin and hair healthy and hydrated. Some people produce to much oil which leaves your face looking shiny and greasy. Excess oil can lead to blemishes and acne flare ups when the oil mixes with dead skin cells and gets trapped in a pore.

Having an oily skin type  is primarily genetic, ask any close relatives or your parents if they had acne when they were younger and  most will say yes. If one parent had severe acne when they were younger you have a very good chance of at least having combination skin if not acne breakouts yourself. If both parents had acne then more than likely you will also have acne at some point in your life.

Hereditary isn’t the only way you produce too much oil either, oil production is influenced by hormones and abrupt changes in them such as puberty. A lot of women experience breakouts around the time they are to start menstruating. Birth control pills help to keep the excess surges of hormone production more level and therefore help to keep skin more clear .  Stress also plays a role because you produce more hormones as well and will usually trigger breakouts.

The areas with the most oil-producing ability is the one more crowded with sebaceous glands ( the glands that produce oil)  is the T-zone. The T-zone is  your forehead, nose, and chin. People with combination skin will notice the most shine in these areas.

The Best Way to Treat Oily Skin And It’s Causes

Cleansing your face in the morning and at night is the single most effective way to manage oily skin. It’s important to use a mild cleanser since to harsh of products can trigger the skin to increase oil production. People who have oily skin often steer clear of moisturizer for fear  it will make them look more shiny. In reality oily skin also needs some moisture to keep looking healthy. More and more skin care companies are realizing a demand for products made to control oil and moisturize. Or special foundation primers to smooth the skin and control oil.

My name is Heather Scoggins , and I’m a licensed esthetician in the State of Texas since 2005. I know first hand the problems experienced with having oily and acne prone skin and I’m here to share my knowledge with all the people out there with the same.  Also just to throw in a second opinion of the products I choose check out the best reviewer for matte foundation. Thank you all for coming and feel free to comment or share your opinions.