Cream Foundation

The Best Cream Foundation For Oily or Acne Prone Skin

Cream foundation or sometimes known as stick foundation is the thickest  of the foundations and has the most coverage of all them all.  The problem with most is that the cream foundation is very heavy on the skin causing a caked on look.  On the good side they are also your best bet  if you have an existing case of acne or a severe break out you want to cover up.

Cream Foundation

A case of heavy cream foundation gone wrong.

When choosing a cream foundation for oily skin, the ingredients and the texture are the keys. If possible, find a cream foundation that can reduce the overproduction of oil in the skin – not just cover it up. The best products are the oil-free and non-comedogenic formulations. Also choose a cream foundation with a matte finishing to help hide imperfections without making your skin shine and break out.

1.Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation is the first cream foundation I have ever bought that looked natural and not caked on. I took it for a test run a little skeptical at first at the claims it would last all day even with my oily  skin and it far exceeded my expectations. This cream foundation is oil free which is an absolute must, fragrance free , and it’s long wearing.  Another perk is it has light reflecting qualities which draws people’s eyes away from your problems areas. Full coverage, half a squeeze is enough, you have to shake it up a bit and warm it up for an easier smoother application.

Cream Foundation

2.MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream (B.B stands for Blemish Balm) is good  for all skin types. Has a spf of 42 and can be used alone or with foundation on top. It helps cover irregularities on the skin, cover up scars or existing acne, and even out skin tone. Continued usage helps to actually fade discoloration from acne or even sun spots if your older.

Cream Foundation

3.Benefit Cosmetic Playstick is a concealer, foundation and powder all in one!   Combination of green tea and chamomile so it soothes your skin. The biggest thing of all is the Vitamin B, this helps control oil, so the product will stay on all day.  Medium to full coverage without being  heavy or cakey on the skin.

4.Herbal Dual Wet Dry Foundation– apply wet for full coverage, or dry for light. Contains zinc oxide which soothes your skin and absorbs oil. Alpha hydroxy fruit acids in the makeup prevent sun damage and treat existing fine lines.

5.Foundation Stick by Napoleon Perdis. Water- resistant formula that sets to a matte finish. Light to maximum coverage. Perfect for hot or humid climates as it will not come off with water very easily at all.Cream Foundation

6.Bobbi Brown Oil Free Even Finish Compact Foundation  This cream foundation has medium to full coverage with an oil free formula. It’s perfect for oily to acne prone skin, hiding the scars and absorbing the excessive oil with a matte finish. The texture is light and blends easily into the skin. Bobbi Brown’s has orange and lavender, these help to regulate the  glands that produce oil and soothe inflammation. Plus Salicylate acts as antiseptic and acne preventative. With SPF 15, which is the recommended minimum protection.

7.Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation-This foundation has a mousse texture and is oil and fragrance free. Contains Jojoba oil, it acts as an antioxidant to protect the skin and provide hydration. As a mousse, it’s perfect for oily skin, providing medium coverage… and it doesn’t clog the pores, yet gives you an even matte finish and flawless looking skin.

8.Cover FX Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation   A maximum coverage cream foundation with SPF. This creamy foundation provides long-lasting, all day, medium to full coverage while replenishing the skin. The formula is concentrated with encapsulated pigments to achieve optimum coverage.Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation SPF 30 provides a dewy, radiant finish and illuminates the skin. It is non-comedogenic, fragrance free, and oil-free.