About Me

Has anyone out there besides me suffered with acne and/or oily skin since puberty struck ? Or ordered products off the TV commercials and bought countless zit creams? Been to doctors and had countless
prescriptions? And then when those products aren’t successful you go on to buy make-up to cover up the problem?! That is my life in a nutshell! My name is Heather, I’m 29 years old, with on spunky 6-yearold daughter. We live in Texas where it only has two seasons; summer and one to two months of winter. I spent a few years at the University of North Texas and then dropped out of college and signed up for beauty school instead. I graduated valedictorian one year later and became a licensed esthetician (skin care specialist) in 2005. I’ve now made my obsession with clear skin and make-up my career. My goal is to help others out there like me make informed choices and save you all time and money. I have researched and/or experimented with every single makeup product listed and many of the natural remedies. I would love to hear from others their experiences with any of these products or if you all would like to make a suggestion
for me to try.
So on to what you all came here looking for foundations for oily or acne prone skin!